Transplant Perioperative Device (TPOD) and Transplant APP (TAPP) are the ultimate solution to Transplant programs' safety, audit and streamlining needs.

Competitor Comparison

  eRemedy Competitor
Manual Data Entry Eliminated with direct data download from EHR and DonorNet Requires manual patient and donor data entry
Additional Barcode Label Requirements Uses patient wristband as is; no additional label requirements Must print and affix barcode label to patient’s wristband, added step increases error risk
Barcode Reading Capabilities Customizable App to read eRemedy and other barcodes Must source and acquire proprietary barcode reader
Retrospective Data Capture for Analysis Collect and provide transport, cold-time and outcome data for OPO/Center analysis Collect labeling, packaging and shipping data for OPTN analyses
Patient Form Storage Centralized location for audit and review of all required patient forms: ABO, surgical and high risk consent None
Patient-Side Errors Visible Yes None
EHR Integration Yes None
Form Customization Yes None
GPS Organ Tracking Yes None
Cold Time Tracking Yes None